Tuesday, December 2, 2008

French Toast / Pain Perdu: For A Quick Bibingka Fix

I'd have French toast everyday if not for the high cost of fresh milk and Gardenia bread. This is one of the breakfast fares my four year old loves to prepare with me because the steps are really easy! Picture a toddler sitting on top of the counter or standing on a stool, whisking ingredients and dipping bread slices in a bowl of milk. It makes me just want to squeeze him with a death hug! We love to have our French toast really soaked up in the milk mixture because that way it is moist in the inside even after it has been fried. One trick my son does is he drizzles it with maple syrup AND chocolate syrup. He says that's what Remy (of "Ratatouille" does - combining flavors!). I learned this recipe from Ms. Heny Sison's show "A Taste of Life" several years ago and as she said, it really is a great alternative to bibingka when paired with salted egg and cheese, and served with hot chocolate. Yummy! Chef John has another version that I haven't tried yet but just watching his video blog for his French toast recipe makes me wish I could get it out of the screen and have a bite. Try this one out on your own and include in a breakfast in bed for a loved one on their birthday or your anniversary or just because you want to pamper them for no reason. Works all the time.

¼ cup brown sugar
1 cup fresh milk
¼ tsp cinnamon
1 egg
1 ½ - 2 Tbsp butter
5 slices sandwich/loaf bread

Toppings (optional):
Salted egg
Powdered sugar

Step 1: Prepare the milk mixture and the egg.

In a bowl, whisk the milk, brown sugar and cinnamon until the sugar has been dissolved. In another bowl, beat the egg until fluffy. Set these aside.

Step 2: Pre-heat the pan.
Heat a non-stick pan over medium fire.

Step 3. Prepare the bread slices.

With clean, dry hands, dunk a bread slice into the milk mixture and let it soak up some of the liquid. Be careful not to tear the bread as you hold it up as it becomes heavy with the mixture. If you're using crusty bread, you can handle these with thongs (like Chef John does) because they're thick enough. Next, coat each with the beaten egg. Set aside in a plate. Repeat with the remaining bread slices.

Step 4: Toast the soaked bread slices.

Melt ½ Tbsp of butter on the hot pan over low heat. Place two pieces of soaked/coated bread beside each other. Cook both sides until they’re golden brown, about 5 minutes per side. Transfer to a serving dish. Repeat with the remaining slices.

Serve with slices of salted egg and top with grated cheese and powdered sugar.

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Jenna said...

Great recipe! When I was child, my dad made french toast almost every Sunday. I loved it and my daughter loves it now. It is probably my MOST favorite breakfast (and sometimes dinner) food! We like to top it with fresh fruit and nuts. Sometime we even add a little whipped topping for a special treat!